Chicago Limousine Service & different ways to get around in Chicago!!!

How do you get to the airport or just around town in Chicago? Train, Bus, Cab, Limo? For the price of a cab you can ride in style, at a flat rate. For my parents 30th wedding anniversary my two brothers and I bought them tickets to see a show in Chicago and knowing that my parents are not the most saavy in traversing the Loop we also got a Limo to pick them up from their house in the suburbs, bring them to the show and then take them home at the end of the evening. It was actually less expensive then employing a cab, and it was less of a hassle. A nice luxury Lincoln Town Car to kick back in, and they said the best part was not having to watch the meter role, not to mention letting someone else deal with Chicago traffic. In Chicago A1 USA Limo Service has what you need. I mean everything you could possibly want from regular sedans to stretch limos. A buddy of mine actually used them for his wedding last summer. 16 people in a back of a stretch Hummer was definitely something to see. Driving from the ceremony in the suburbs to Navy Pier was a trip all in itself. We (the Bridal party) threw a CD in and actually practiced our first dance in the back of the mammoth vehicle. (Not exactly recommended, but totally possible). Our driver wasn’t allowed to park in the circle by the pier, so he dropped us off and drove around until we were finished taking pictures. Needless to say it was not very difficult to find Eddie (the driver) after we were done, he was driving the “yacht on wheels.” We didn’t even need to worry about getting back to the hotel after. They had a party bus that was every bit as plush as the Hummer and was a brilliant way to get people that could not find their way to the bathroom back to the hotel safely. There are so many different ways to get around in Chicago, so many different methods of public transportation, and if you don’t need too sacrifice price for luxury, why would you not go with the luxury?

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