Our Chicago Limo service and the economy

Ok, lets chat about getting around Chicago, with the way our economy is looking and how ridiculous it is to park in Chicago, whether its paying 8 dollars for a meter, 32 dollars for a parking garage or not being able to find a spot at all, it is time to find a different mode of transportation.  The same thing applies to driving to the airport.  Yeah you can ride the El, but have you ever tried to carry a suitcase on one of those trains?  I actually rode it once with mine, and it was an absolute nightmare, not to mention you feel like a complete heel making everyone move seventeen times when you need to get off at your stop.  I actually parked at the airport once… once.  My car was at the parking garage for three days and racked up a 42 dollar bill, and to add insult to injury, a huge gash on the side.  There is always the option of taking a cab, but, and I say this with all due respect, have you ever taken a cab before?  Not the most pleasant way to get from A to B, and to be quite honest, for pretty close to the same amount you can take a Lincoln Town Car or some other Luxury Sedan .  That is most definitely the way to role.  I mean think about it, you are in a beautiful car, you dont have to worry about how fast the meter is rolling, and you get door to door service.  In my opinion, this is completely the way to go.  So go ahead and take your cab and watch your meter, I am riding in style for the same price.  I think the commute to O’Hare or even to Midway can be made a little more pleasant, you know once you get to the airport you are going to be standing around forever to get through security, and once that feat has been accomplished you have to tackle waiting at the gate forever, or even being delayed.  Might as well take a load off your mind on getting to and from.  Let someone else do the driving, and make the other cars on the road jealous!  Who knows, maybe someone will think you are a celebrity and buy you a soda, or a sandwich.
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