Prom night in a stretched H2 Hummer limousine

A1 USA Limousine – Chicago Limousine Service
Talk about finding the perfect Chicago party bus for that perfect party, homecoming, prom, wedding, birthdays or any event. This company called “A1 USA Limousine” has class. Whether you need to be picked up at a Chicago airport (Such as O’Hare airport) in style, or roll in to your reunion in a stretched Chicago Cadillac limousine, your friends and people around will think of you more differently, especially the ladies that are looking at your stretched hummer limousine. Along with these large selections of vehicles to choose from this Chicago Limo service, the good thing about them is they are available 24/7, kind of like a personal chauffer.

I remembered back in high school that every major dance I went to we ALWAYS took a stretched limo. Sometimes we would call a Chicago limo company to come to the suburbs simply because the local limo companies are always books because they never have enough vehicles, but A1 USA limousine has a large fleet. I would still book early just because your date would be pretty angry if she had her hopes on going to prom in a class-A rated Chicago limousine, but the only problem is you couldn’t book one, and now you’re going to your last dance of your high school life in your moms Dodge caravan. Ha! Your moms caravan that can only play cassette tapes is no match for a Chicago stretched limousine that has digital stereo system, color TV with a DVD player, an awesome full bar inside the limo, and of course a kick-ass multi color fiber-optic lighting that lets you know you’re riding in class.

There was this one time though where we didn’t order a stretched limo because we had too many people and we had no intentions of taking two limos because that would be way too expensive for us high school kids. Unfortunately, we didn’t even think of taking a party bus. This company A1 USA Limousine offers the luxury bus that can occupy a lot more than a standard limousine. It definitely would have been a lot of fun if we took the party bus instead of taking half a dozen cars to our dance. Not much class there. Lesson learned: Book your Chicago Limo reservation at this place.

The good news about this Chicago Limo company is that they have this policy where if your Chicago limo arrives more than 15 minutes late then you won’t have to pay! Who wouldn’t want a free ride in a limo? There is only one thing to this statement, that’s the fact that this free ride policy only applies to Chicago airport car trips only as it is stated at the very bottom of their homepage in asterisks (*). There’s always a catch right? At least this is the only catch this company has.

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