Prom Limousine Services: Tips for Parents and Teenagers By:

For Parents and Teenagers, prom is a very special night, and hence, everything should run as smoothly as possible. So for those who decide to hire a prom limousine service, there are several things that should be done before calling and placing a deposit. Although parents normally offer to do the arrangements of hiring a prom limousine service, this could serve as an opportune time for teenagers to learn how to handle business and be responsible. Of course, the parents will still provide some assistance along the process.

Getting a group of friends to share a prom limo with is a recommended saving tip. By sharing the limo with others, you can all split the cost and no one has to be concerned about transportation. Moreover, limo sharing can provide your parents with a piece of mind regarding safety since you will not do the driving yourself. Once you have gathered the group of friends together, you might then all want to talk it over, along with your parents, to determine which particular prom limousine service you agree to hire for the occasion. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of limousine companies to choose. So it is advised that the group should take a vote and let the majority decide. Most limousine companies offer several types of prom packages that help make the rent fit to everyone’s budget.

When you start looking over which particular prom limo service you want to hire, writing a list of questions to ask can help guide you making the right choice. But first the whole group needs to settle on how much everyone is willing to spend, and then abide by that budget. Also make your mind up whose home will serve as the pick-up site for the limo. Fixing on a rendezvous at one house instead of having the limo pass by each person’s home is more advisable because limos charge higher for more stops.

Ask for a list of what the cost of the limousine covers.
Ask if there will be any additional – or hidden – charges for gratuities, mileage and fuel costs, vehicle cleaning, etc.

After deciding which limo company to hire, the first thing to ask is if a particular limo of your choice is available on the date of the event. Be firm and do not let them get you to change your mind. Make sure that you stick with what the group agreed upon. The second thing to ask is what the exact minimum rental time is. Some limo companies will charge an extra fee for going beyond the set time frame for the rent. Other important things to inquire about are the company’s cancellation policy, deposit policy, and special prom packages. Also find out about whether it is possible to see the vehicle before leaving the deposit, and whether the vehicles and drivers are licensed and insured.

Moreover, make certain to include additional questions that your parents may want to ask. Once all the questions on the list have been answered, All of the tips discussed here may appear to be quite a lot of work, but these are worth your effort for ensuring you all enjoy you prom night.

There have been quite a number of people who have had their proms ruined for failure in asking certain salient questions and carrying out a thorough background check of a prom limo service prior to hiring it. When it is time to pay the deposit and sign the contract, bring your parents along with you to avoid being tricked into signing for something that you do not want.

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