What size limousines are there? 2015

Generally, there are 7 types of limousines.
1) Luxury sedans – Usually standard Lincoln Town Cars or Cadillac’s
2) Stretch Sedans – Stretched to allow more legroom or for additional features
3) 6-passenger stretch limousines – fits 1-6 people, depending on design.
4) 8-passenger stretch limousines – fits 1-8 people, depending on design.
5) 10-passenger super stretch limousines – fits 1-10 people, depending on design.
6) 12-18 passenger super stretch limousines and stretch specialty vehicles (SUV’s)
7) 18-36 Party Bus – these limousines & party buses, rent at a premium due to limited availability, where SUV’s would normally cost more than a standard limousine.
Generally speaking, if you are renting a 10-passenger limousine, the vehicle seating can accommodate 10-people of smaller or average size tightly depending on how the vehicle interior was designed.  Please be advised that most vehicles cannot accommodate 10 larger people.  You may want to seek a larger vehicle in such cases.  Generally speaking, you should subtract 1-2 from the vehicle rating for average sized people for maximum comfort.

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