Homecoming Limousine 2013

Homecoming Limousine Service in Chicago
For the ultimate in luxury or just to travel in style, nothing beats A1 USA Limo Service. When you reserve your A1 USA Chicago limo today all that is left is to sit back and relax.

Riding in your luxury A1 USA limousine will make you look and feel sophisticated and special. Whether you need executive limo services or you are looking to book a limo fir a special occasion, there are stylish and affordable options for everyone.

There are many special occasions and great reasons to book your limo reservation today. Here’s just a few of the most common occasions…

Homecoming Limo
Airport Transportation
Sightseeing Tour
Corporate travel
Group Travel
Night Outa

Today’s limousines offer many options. You have traditional limos, stretch limos, and even SUV limousines. When you call to reserve your A1 USA Limousine today, we can discuss all of your options to help you find the best ride for you.

Top rated limo service for executive limos special occasions, airport limo service, and more!

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New Gadgets: Google Glass and Apple iWatch the next generation driver assistants, or a road to disaster?

West Virginia State Rep. Gary G. Howell initiated legislations that would alter existing laws against texting while driving to prohibit “using a wearable computer with head mounted display It’s hard keeping up with technology. Even the tech giant GOOGLE who develop the most modern gadgets are so purpose on having the most astonishing innovation on the market place, their own unbelievable device seem to get outdated in a matter of months. A new product, Google Glass, planned to be released at the end of 20013, causing a enormous sum of pre release anticipation – plus also some worry about drivers safety.

Google Glass is, in its most fundamental form, an eyeglass mount with a small, voice-activated “computer” and a display attached to the right side of the frame. It’s quite an incredible product with capabilities like your smart phone, only hands-free and with advanced interactive capabilities. You can control music, get directions, take pictures, give voice commands and conduct video chats. The glasses don’t cover the whole eye, and the wearer has to look up slightly when looking at the display. And that has one state legislator very worried about the effect such a device could have on drivers.

Opinion aligned with banning Google Glass while driving are that the devices can actually increase driving safety by, for example, offering a GPS view that puts navigation information at eye level or accessing and listening to music without taking your eyes of the road or your hands off the wheel to look at a dashboard GPS or skip a song with a CD player or radio. But the likelihood for distraction is assured.
And just like Google, Apple has announced that it will release an (iWatch ), also later this year, which will achieve some of the same tasks that an iPhone or iPad presently provides.

We’ll keep our eyes open and continue researching the subject, because here at A1 USA Limo, we are committed to safety first and will not implement any risky behavior or adopt a new technology that it may cause any undesirable outcome.

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How soon should you reserve a limousine for Proms?

After you’ve done some quick research, book that limousine ASAP; otherwise you’ll be riding with Mom and Pop! (no offense).
Prom Night is the busiest night in the limousine industry and when that special evening arrives, every limousine in Chicago will be on the road, guaranteed. For every limo we reserve, literally hundreds of customers are turned away because we are usually booked up weeks in advance for proms.
Safety and Quality are important to both parents and teens.
Parents of prom-goers want peace of mind. Make sure the limo company you hire is associated with safety programs such as the National Safety Alliance which requires it’s drivers to be drug tested on a regular basis, the Better Business Bureau for accountability within the community, and the Public Utilities Commission which set industry standards for the safe operation for all limousine services.
A1 USA Limousine requires its drivers to carry a Class (passenger endorsed) driver’s license that qualifies them to operate even the largest vehicles used for public transportation. On arrival, parents and teens are asked to sign a “Minors and Alcoholic Beverages Statement” – the Leslie Bill, required by Illinois State Law, in which both the student and limousine service promise a drug and alcohol free evening.
If possible go to the Party Bus or limousine provider and check out your vehicle beforehand, to assure that the limo you are reserving is the one that shows up on prom night, to avoid a poor quality vehicle unforeseen at your door on that special evening. Young people are interested in the bells and whistles in the limousine, but parents should take time to make sure that the company they hire has a clean record and safe vehicles so that everyone can both relax and enjoy on the evening of the prom.
For many teens, Prom Night is the pinnacle of their high school experience. Many teens commemorate the occasion by dressing up in a tux or a gown, to be whisked away in a chauffeur driven limousine.
A1 USA Limousine in Chicago has been serving Chicago for over 20 years. We offer a full fleet of the latest model stretch Lincoln limousines at affordable rates. A1 USA Limo has been awarded numerous awards in Chicago Cook wide polls taken, where Chicagoans have chosen A1 USA Limo as their number one choice for limousine service.
So celebrate Prom Night in style with Chicago’s choice for limousine service, and call A1 USA Limousine today!

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Bride's Guide for Limousine Transportation in Chicago

“Prices vary within the limousine industry, so you may consider
Viewing the limousine you are hiring for your wedding day.”

So you’re making all your wedding arrangements and you want to know about limousine service in Chicago…you’re in the right place!

A1 USA Limousine, in Chicago, Illinois has been serving Chicago’s brides for over 20 years.

We offer a full fleet of the latest model stretch Lincoln limousines at affordable rates. A1 USA Limousine receives numerous awards in Chicago, IL and Cook County wide polls taken, where Chicagoan’s have chosen A1 USA Limousine as their number one choice for limousine service in Chicago.

Recently voted “Best Limo Service in Chicago” in the Chicago E daily, along with years of experience under our belt, we feel confident that we can assist you in your quest for limousine transportation for your upcoming wedding.

Brides, we will decorate the inside of your limousine in your personal bridal colors, absolutely free of charge. Wedding napkins, streamers and a “Just Married” banner at your request and red carpet treatment.

How soon should I start looking for limousine transportation before my wedding?

As soon as you know your wedding ceremony date…start looking. You can never be too early! Especially during the wedding season, when limos book up every weekend for weddings. Don’t wait until the last minute. You might not get the limousine that you would prefer.

What can I expect to pay when hiring a limousine for my wedding day?

It is common to hire a limo for a minimum of four hours for most weddings. Prices vary with each limo company. Price varies with the passenger size of the limousine you rent, and for the amount of time that you reserve the limo. And brides, don’t forget…at A1 USA Limo in Chicago, you will receive one free hour with our minimum booking time, which is three hours on Mon through Thursday, and four hours on Friday through Sunday.
A1 USA Limo rents a six-passenger limousine beginning at $69 per hour up to a fourteen passenger stretch Lincoln that goes for $160 per hour. We also have the new Ford SUV Excursion Limousine, H2 Hummer which goes for $170 per hour for that extra large party. Gratuity is not included in the hourly rate.

How soon should I reserve my limo before my wedding date?

As soon as you are sure of the date and time of your wedding ceremony, it is a good idea to make your limousine reservations.
Quality and Safety are important things to consider when hiring a limo for your special wedding day.

At A1 USA Limo in Chicago we understand that cost may be a deciding factor when shopping for limousine service for your wedding day.

With that in mind, remember prices vary within the limousine industry.

If you have any concerns about the different quotes you receive from various vendors, you may consider viewing the limo you are hiring.

If possible go to the limousine provider and check out your vehicle beforehand, to assure that the limo you are booking is the one that shows up on your wedding day to avoid a poor quality vehicle unexpected at your door.

Make sure the limo company you hire is associated with safety programs such as the National Safety Alliance which requires its drivers to be drug tested on a regular basis, the Better Business Bureau for accountability within the community, and the Public Utilities Commission which set industry standards for the safe operation for all limousine services in Chicago County.

How can I reserve a limousine for my wedding with www.A1USALimo.com in Chicago?
Please call us at the number listed below. Our highly experienced staff has been assisting Chicago’s brides for over 20 years and can answer all your wedding day transportation questions.
If you have additional questions that you feel were not answered here, you can contact us @ (800) 774 8383, and we will be happy to assist you with your concerns.
A1 USA Limousine in Chicago is dedicated to making your wedding day a special event in every possible way. Please give us a call and let’s begin the process…

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2013 Chicago Prom limousine season is here

2013 Chicago Prom Limousines Service – Prom nights were so much excitement!

Are you looking for a Chicago prom Limousine Service to rent for an upcoming event? Look no further. With our 1st class limousines, get the chance to become a celebrity for a night and have the maximum fun of your lives. A1 USA Limo’s excellent luxury prom transportation services will make you want to graduate over and over because after one night with our Chicago prom limo service, you will want to do it all over again.

Spend the night in fashion, extravagance and soothe as our party buses and limousines pick you and your date in style. The cars are garlanded with all the amenities you can think of TV’s and music player, Ipod compatible systems, gaming systems like XBox 360 or Sony PlayStation, best beverages. Our limousines are flawlessly decorated up and maintained to ensure no dilemma is faced by our customers.
Prom Limousine Party Bus

When you think of A1 USA LIMO, think of spotlessly dressed chauffeurs, polite and elegant, Loaded up party buses with red carpet service, think of joyful memories that you will have and a big day in all. The truth, we can add a good deal glamour and luxury to spruce up your prom; you might think it was just straight out of a movie. Our excellent Chicago prom limo rental services will be like the topping of your entire graduating year – you can only make it better by hiring us for the special occasion.

A1 USA Limo also offers enormous diversity for Chicago limo transportation as it offers the best Chicago limousines like H2 Hummer, Range Rover, Escalade, Porsche, and Chrysler 300 C Limo. Newest addition is party buses. Limo Bus is completely tricked out. Our Prom Limos fleet is the brand new 2013 Mercedes Party Bus with VIP recline. Bus can fit up to 40passengers, Disco Lights, Bathroom, Laser light show, smoke machine and sound system.

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Luxury Limousines – are not just for celebrities!

Limousines are a well-known form of transport for Presidents and Celebrities although they are a lot more than that and provide a multitude of transport services.
Limousine vehicles come in many formats including the popular stretch limo which is basically a standard vehicle that has been professionally lengthened and fitted out with a range of luxury appointments. Fit out inside a stretch could include leather and wood grain trim, bar, ice chest or fridge, LCD screens with DVD, MP3, I Pad , Audio systems, PlayStation and even some with karaoke! Seating capacity depends on the vehicle and can range from 6 seats to 17 or more seats for the super stretch or limo bus style vehicles.

Sedan limousines, often referred to as a Corporate Car, Hire Car, black car, Town Car, are a luxury vehicle with a seating capacity of 5 people including the chauffeur. Sedan limos are popular for airport transfers, corporate work and general transfers. A lot of people use sedan limos for there dependability (being picked up on time) and quality of vehicle and in a lot of cases the cost is very comparable to other modes of transport.

Limousine and Chauffeur Driven service companies sometimes specialize in one form of vehicle whether it be stretch or sedan and provide services especially for that market whereas some companies will provide a range of vehicle options which may include stretch, sedan, people movers like a minivan, mini buses and coaches.
Services provided and rates differ from company to company and generally include Weddings, funerals, formals, proms, corporate transfers, tours, airport transfers ORD or MDW and general transfers. Some companies offer limo tours whether it be for winery tours, sightseeing tours, nightclub tours etc. or they can be as directed by you.

Rates are generally either charged by the hour or a set rate for the journey you are traveling. Some companies, in fact most, charge waiting time so if you leave the limo waiting it’s much like a taxi in that the meters running so to speak. Check with the operator as to how this applies.

Limousines are popular, especially stretch limos, for that wow factor needed to surprise and impress a loved one or for special occasions which chauffeurs will provide that extra level of service to make it really something. They are also a competitive and dependable form of transport for general transfers like from airport to hotel transfers or trips to the football or events.

Most USA limousine companies now offer a diverse and flexible range of services sometimes in a multitude of vehicle options added with high service levels, quality of vehicles and competitive rates, there’s no reason not to consider a Chauffeured Limousine service for your next transport requirements.

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This Century Limousines

We all know those black and white stretch limousines that seem to be everywhere nowadays. They all look the same. They all look just like normal luxury sedans if it weren’t for the stretched passenger compartment. It doesn’t really matter if the stretch limousines are based on Cadillac’s, Lincolns or Mercedes Benz’s.

Luckily limousines don’t have to be that boring. Limousines that are a lot more exciting do exist, but they are better at hiding from public view. Maybe its because they are more expensive and difficult to make? The only thing we know is that most limousine companies seem to prefer the traditional stretch limousines to the more exciting models.
The least exciting of the exciting limousines are somewhat similar to the traditional black and white stretch limousines. The difference is that they are based on something else than the normal luxury sedans. The least exciting of the exciting limousines can for example be based on a small car like a mini or they can be stretched luxury cabriolets. A stretch limousine without a roof means that we can suddenly have outdoor pools, helicopter pads (it really exist), etc. onboard.

Somewhat more exciting are limousines based on exotic cars. One trend that is slowly spreading to limousines companies is stretch limousines based on exotic sports cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. More and more limousine companies start to feature these cars in much the same way as they started to feature SUV based stretch limousines a couple of years ago.
The most exciting limousines in my opinion is definitely the Chrysler 300 C limousine.

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Things You Must Know Before Hiring Any Limousine

Hiring a limo service is not as simple as you think and your limousine rental service, might just take you for quite a ride, if you are not very careful. Its therefore quite important that you select a decent and dependable limousine service and ensure a smooth and safe ride all the way.
Fairly often, you can judge how a limousine service treats their customers through a telephone inquiry. If your call is answered promptly and courteously by a company and if they give you all the important and relevant information without hesitating, you can be assured that they are a good bet.
While looking at web sites of limousine operators, its best to check if they have a fixed line number and a physical contact address. A mobile number or just a vague p.o. box number are signs of poor or fly by night operations.

It’s also important to see if the web site of the company whose services you’re considering hiring, displays images of their own vehicles. Many companies use pictures of brand new limousines but have cars that are battered and beaten. Its best to physically examine the fleet (limos).
There are times when you might come across agents who will tell you that they can secure quotations on your behalf. In such cases, the limousine operators pay for each inquiry they receive or a percentage of the hire value. It means that you will pay a higher price than you would otherwise These brokers often make claims that their limousine operators as “accredited” or “approved”. It’s best to stay away from such types.

Price is an important determining factor. Note that all limousine operators so not charge the same price. A professional limousine operator generally charges $45 an hour for a minimum of 4 hours for a car like a sedan while a stretch limousine may cost $60. A super stretch limousine may cost o a few dollars more. Even if you have to pay a slightly higher price in order to hire a service from a reputed and established limousine operator, it’s always worth it.

It’s also important to keep in mind the duration that you will need the limousine for. It generally takes about an hour to prepare a limousine for dispatch. Therefore, most operators ask for a minimum charge or a minimum hire duration of 3 hours or so. This is generally higher during peak periods like Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc. The minimum hire charge is most likely to be in the region of ?150.

Another important question is reliability. Stretch limousines are expensive to maintain and repair and poor companies often overlook any maintenance or repairs. Hiring from such companies can be quite disastrous. Your limousine may not show up on time or breakdown mid-way on your journey.
Its also important to know how long has the company whose service you plan to hire been in business. If they are well established, they are obviously more reliable than someone who has just started out a few months ago.

Try and find out how many cars the operator has in its fleet. Just in case the one you have hired breaks down, will they send you another one at once.
Is the operator you’re planning on selecting situated close to where you need to be picked up from? That will ensure that they reach you on time.
Its also important to know how old the car you will be driving in is. After all, you don’t want to show up in a beaten car at your fancy do. Its also sensible to view the car physically, a few days in advance if possible.

Also check what the rental price includes. Does it include Red Carpet, Complimentary soft-bar, bottle of champagne, just married sign, Drinks, Gratuities etc? Don’t ever hesitate to as if your chauffeur is licensed, trained and polite.

Does the company have the appropriate private hire insurance? It’s best to view it.
Its also quite sensible if you have written confirmation of the price?
Will you be given a booking confirmation with the itinerary and price included?
What are the payment methods they accept? What is the deposit you have to pay and when is the balance due? It’s important to know these in advance to avoid confusion later.
A professional limousine operator will be able to answer all your questions satisfactorily and ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable experience.

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The Best Guide to Choosing a Limousine Service in Chicago IL

There are numerous types of limousines available (Sedans, SUV, stretch limo, party bus, etc.). Choose the type that works best for your occasion, taking into consideration how many are in your party and what your plans are.

In selecting the limousine company, you want to make sure the one you choose is properly licensed and insured. Although it may appear to be less expensive to hire an unlicensed limousine provider, if an accident were to happen and someone in your party were to get hurt, you would have no recourse. You can ask around to representatives from other companies that regularly use limousine services to find out about various limousine companies statuses.

Find out if the company has a contingency plan in case the limousine is in an accident or breaks down. If not, then you have two choices. You either have a backup plan in mind or hire another limousine service that you know does have a contingency plan. Conversely, it may be you that has unforeseen problems, so make sure you know in advance what the company’s cancellation policy is.

The cost to rent a limousine can range between $49 and $250. Ask the limousine company what amenities are included in the price. Knowing up front what you are and are not getting eliminates surprises later. Costs can vary based on current demand (such as during prom and wedding seasons). It’s worth checking with your local hotel and airport limousine services because many times you can get a better rate through them.

You’ll want to know up front whether or not the company accepts credit cards. Once the service has been booked ask for a written confirmation to be faxed or sent in the mail. Another critical action you need to take is to make sure you are getting the car you asked for. Just before the event, arrange to see the car and check it out. Is it clean?
If there are several people in your party, it,s always a good idea to have everyone in your party meet at one location to avoid extra pickup and drop off time. I realize that sometimes this is part of the fun, so use that as a guideline, but realize the cost may go up if the driver has to make extra stops. To avoid any awkward moments between you and the driver, be sure you know the company’s tipping policies. Some encourage it while others don’t. It’s also a very good idea to get the chauffeurs name and cell phone number to maintain contact and get a hold of them if necessary if the timeline changes and your group need to be picked up earlier or later.

Policies vary between companies regarding pets. Some allow them while others don’t. If you need to travel with your pet, you’ll want to know this in advance. Also, if you have special needs such as a child seat or handicapped person(s), you’ll want to address this with the company beforehand.

If you plan carefully and ask the right questions while you are still in the selection process, you’ll be more likely to choose the service that best suits your needs and adds a nice touch to whatever event or meeting you are attending.

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Prom Limousine Services: Tips for Parents and Teenagers By: A1USALimo.com

For Parents and Teenagers, prom is a very special night, and hence, everything should run as smoothly as possible. So for those who decide to hire a prom limousine service, there are several things that should be done before calling and placing a deposit. Although parents normally offer to do the arrangements of hiring a prom limousine service, this could serve as an opportune time for teenagers to learn how to handle business and be responsible. Of course, the parents will still provide some assistance along the process.

Getting a group of friends to share a prom limo with is a recommended saving tip. By sharing the limo with others, you can all split the cost and no one has to be concerned about transportation. Moreover, limo sharing can provide your parents with a piece of mind regarding safety since you will not do the driving yourself. Once you have gathered the group of friends together, you might then all want to talk it over, along with your parents, to determine which particular prom limousine service you agree to hire for the occasion. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of limousine companies to choose. So it is advised that the group should take a vote and let the majority decide. Most limousine companies offer several types of prom packages that help make the rent fit to everyone’s budget.

When you start looking over which particular prom limo service you want to hire, writing a list of questions to ask can help guide you making the right choice. But first the whole group needs to settle on how much everyone is willing to spend, and then abide by that budget. Also make your mind up whose home will serve as the pick-up site for the limo. Fixing on a rendezvous at one house instead of having the limo pass by each person’s home is more advisable because limos charge higher for more stops.

Ask for a list of what the cost of the limousine covers.
Ask if there will be any additional – or hidden – charges for gratuities, mileage and fuel costs, vehicle cleaning, etc.

After deciding which limo company to hire, the first thing to ask is if a particular limo of your choice is available on the date of the event. Be firm and do not let them get you to change your mind. Make sure that you stick with what the group agreed upon. The second thing to ask is what the exact minimum rental time is. Some limo companies will charge an extra fee for going beyond the set time frame for the rent. Other important things to inquire about are the company’s cancellation policy, deposit policy, and special prom packages. Also find out about whether it is possible to see the vehicle before leaving the deposit, and whether the vehicles and drivers are licensed and insured.

Moreover, make certain to include additional questions that your parents may want to ask. Once all the questions on the list have been answered, All of the tips discussed here may appear to be quite a lot of work, but these are worth your effort for ensuring you all enjoy you prom night.

There have been quite a number of people who have had their proms ruined for failure in asking certain salient questions and carrying out a thorough background check of a prom limo service prior to hiring it. When it is time to pay the deposit and sign the contract, bring your parents along with you to avoid being tricked into signing for something that you do not want.

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